Open Source at OSU

Open Source at OSU

Students at Oregon State University are provided a number of opportunities to interact with open source software and communities. While the Open Source Lab provides direct ties to a number of open source projects, open source is also used in computer science courses, and there are multiple student groups which help to promote open source on campus.

Linux Users Group


The OSU LUG meets weekly to discuss Linux and open source issues, talk about new technologies and host speakers to introduce the group to various topics around Linux. The LUG puts on events such as "installfests" where LUG members help others install Linux on their systems. Famous for antics such as the Firefox Crop Circle (Google Maps image), the LUG is an exciting student-run group to get involved with. Picture from http://photos.charkbot.com/

Open Source Education Lab

The OSEL (not to be confused with the OSL) is a student organization on campus that has helped organize events, create newsletters and interact with people both on and off campus to advocate open source. In the past, the OSEL had members from various parts of campus including the Open Source Lab, the Linux Users Group and the College of Engineering. While not currently active, the OSEL will soon be relaunched with new opportunities to connect students and community members with open source ideas. More information about the OSEL is available at their website.

Open Source in the Curriculum

Open source is a growing part of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science program. A number of courses are developed around open source software. BeaverSource is an online community where OSU students, faculty and staff can create development sites for open source projects and interact with each other through wikis, forums, blogs and other common social networking technologies. The EECS department has also developed a small hardware device which runs Linux and provides students the opportunity to interact with both the hardware and software in a hands-on manner. Curriculum has been developed for courses throughout students' time at OSU, including robotics, networking, operating systems and computer graphics. More information about the learning device is available at the project website. There is also a special topics course specifically on open source software.